Mystery Fan at 21 July 2019

Sayantani at Pothi 30th June 2019

Chronotantra- an amazing blend of science, mythology and human psychology. It is a hard core science fiction where every paragraph shows the deep knowledge and understanding of the author, in the subjects like Physics, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. On the other hand, he portrays Indian mythology with the same ease.
Chronotantra is a journey of Lila, a santhali engineer. The story narrates different phases of her life. As a back drop, author takes us from Puruliya to Mars, from mythology to AI. Description of Martian terrains and colonies are so detailed and fascinating, readers can actually visualise it.
Highly recommended reading for anybody interested to have new thoughts, new ideas to explore.

Anonymous review in 23 Jun 2019

Brilliantly thought provoking with an amazing climax

Every once in a while, you read a work of science fiction that potentially upends your world view and scrambles your brain. Chronotantra does just that.
Is it the greatest work of literature of all time? Not quite, as it is clear from the outset that this is the work of a debutant novelist. Therefore, it fails to tick some of the boxes one would want of a literary masterpiece. Character development, for example, could be improved. The dialogues, although being extraordinarily insightful, seem at times to be too contrived, and too didactic. But then, this is not a book you criticize for such reasons; that would be like criticizing a Ferrari on grounds of the air conditioning being not good enough. I mean, you don't buy a Ferrari for the air-conditioning, do you?
What really makes Chronotantra so compelling is the seemingly diverse fields it manages to bring together. From cutting edge technology, religion, and sex on the one hand to interplanetary space travel, genetics, and Indian philosophy on the other, the bold manner in which the author consolidates these various ideas and builds a uniquely speculative narrative makes it stand out from most of the science fiction literature that exists out there. The denouement is absolutely stunning as well, and you're left wondering if you'll ever view the world in the same way, ever again. It becomes clear that author is a person of ideas, eager to throw them out in the wide world, and that he prioritizes the message he wants to convey, more than the manner in which he dresses it up.

Highly recommended reading for anybody looking to have their minds widened.

Sanjukta Pal in GoodReads 25 June 2019

Harimohan Pillai - 13 June 2019

Chronotantra... a must read for those who can see that we as humans are on a cusp of the next evolutionary change, when we are poised to convert our intelligence into artificial intelligence as the brain of machines that we make that makes our physical life more comfortable... some time not too far away humans may not need intelligence... only intuition and emotion...
As humans our evolution has just begun, with AI getting in place. Till now we were only physically evolving with 5 senses. In time or Chronos, AI will integrate with our biological existence. And then will begin the new dawn in human evolution as envisaged in Vedanta...
God sleeps in minerals, wakes in vegetation, walks in animals and Thinks in Humans...
Chronotantra is about this version 1.0 of Humans, after us, the version 0.0

NChat - 10 June 2019

Mukherjee does a wonderful job relating Artificial Intelligence to symbolism and the abstract divine. The story is set against a backdrop of technologically advanced enclaves in a dystopian earth and futuristic Martian colonies. Description of the Martian terrains and colonies are fascinating and thought-provoking.

Abhijit Ghatak 1 June 2019

One wouldn’t expect a debutant writer of Sci-Fi to surprise with his unpredictability. But Prithwis does. With a sophisticated web of interesting characters who make good use of the bleeding edge of technology, the writer takes you on an inter-galactic roller-coaster. I will rate this book as a 'king and a ten', for the sheer entertainment of reading. Unputdownable!

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